I worked for 20 years serving Popular Education as an animator, director and coordinator in children recreation centres, I was also trainer BAFA (diploma for youth leaders and workers).

I entered the field of Traditional Shiatsu in 2011, thanks to my teacher Elizabeth Touchet, practitioner / teacher of Traditional Shiatsu graduated from the FFST (French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu) and Myo-energy (Hiroshi Iwaoka school). She also performs as a naturopath and Gestalt therapist.

These four years of training (500 hrs) have given me:

- The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine: concept of Yin / Yang, the five elements, the circadian clock, the principal meridians
- The basics of anatomy and physiology
- Practice: observation, adaptation, specific pressures, mobilizations, stretching, harmonization, location of the main points on the meridians. According to the two great masters Namikoshi and Masunaga
- The physical and mental preparation of the practitioner with the daily practice of Qi Gong exercises, Do-In and stretching the meridians to nourish and maintain good energy in my Hara (vital center of the human being).

I continue my training to deepen my knowledges on specific topics such as: back pain / sciatica, rheumatology, Namikoshi work on the stomach, pelvic basin and iliopsoas, tendonitis / torticollis, frozen shoulders, nervous breakdown, fibromyalgia, spasmophilia, menopause, insomnia, reflexology (japanese method Sokushindo), fluidic shiatsu, craniofacial shiatsu.

Shiatsu is an art form, a traditional discipline akin to a martial art, Shiatsu Do, Do signifying the path to balance, and opens the energy channels to promote the movement of energy.
Shiatsu literally means finger pressure (Shi = finger Atsu = pressure).

I practice surfing, a real school of life developing observation, concentration, humility, connection with natural elements.


I also practice Qi Gong  (Yuan Gong method), therapeutic practice based on knowledge and control on the vital energy (Qi), combining slow movements, breathing and concentration exercises, and the study of Chinese wisdom (Ren Xue).

In my daily life, I try to cultivate simplicity, sincerity and compassion to give a shiatsu in full awareness of energy forces.